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TANK EdDucates LLC is dedicated to culturally responsive pedagogy and life skills education, specifically targeting disadvantaged populations. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world."

-Nelson Mandela

What We Offer



Our organization offers customized support to school districts, colleges/universities, faculty, community stakeholders, government agencies, and organizations to improve teaching, learning, engagement, and outcomes.



Our consulting services empower and assist organizations to achieve their goals by delivering customized solutions to improve performance and engagement. 



TANK EdDucates LLC offers various motivational lectures, professional development sessions, corporate trainings, mentoring programs, and learning workshops. These presentations are focused on motivation, inspiration, leadership, skills, and cultural awareness to empower individuals, communities, schools, and organizations. 



Kristin DeRouen., Teacher
Willow Academy, LA

I want to say thank you for bringing Dr. Tank in as our guest speaker. His presentation was inspiring, enlightening, and caused me to look at many things from a different perspective. This is my 6th year of teaching and while all of the professional development has been informative, Dr. Tank's presentation was probably the most beneficial to me as a classroom teacher.

Jennifer McEaddy, Principal
 Durand Academy, NJ

Dr. Tank presented to Durand staff upon return to our new school year. Throughout his presentation, he was able to provide real-life applicable information to directly impact job performance. Staff feedback after the presentation indicated they were very appreciative of the training and that it was much needed.

Dr. Tara Whitfield, CEO
 D&T Academics LLC, NY

Tank EdDucates LLC is a phenomenal company which thrives on helping others overcome educational obstacles. Dr. Tank has a diverse background when it comes to assisting others which include coaching, motivational speaking, and tutoring. Dr. Tank and his company have met and exceeded all expectations.